Pregnant Teen Finds Refuge

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When 15-year-old Amy* came to The Porch Light safe home she had been victimized by traffickers and was eight months pregnant. To this point, she had not received any prenatal care.

She was hurting and scared, but could instantly feel a burden lifted from her when she walked through the doors of our safe home.

After just one night there she exclaimed: “I’ve had the best night of sleep ever!”

Staff quickly got Amy the proper medical attention and started working diligently to find a place where the young teen mother could live with her newborn in a few short months.

Amy shared with our staff that she was blown away by The Porch Light’s commitment to her, which was evident when a supervisor who was on leave for bereavement continued to handle her case and work with Guardian ad Litem.

“That lady is working for me and she’s not even on the clock!” Amy said.

Staff was thankful to find a maternity home for Amy to call home and a few months after arriving at The Porch Light Amy gave birth to a beautiful, healthy daughter.

When you give to The Porch Light you are not only helping a child victim of sex trafficking heal, you are providing resources that can stop cycles and spring forth new life in so many ways.

Whenever someone like Amy says “Thank You” to us for being there for her at a critical time, it’s also “Thank You” to everyone who supports The Porch Light.

*Name changed and stock photo used to protect the victim’s identity

One Comment on ““Pregnant Teen Finds Refuge”

  1. LisaGrace

    I have never heard of the porchlight, however in 1976 at 14 years old, I had a similar situation. I have always wanted to give back in some way. Please tell me more.

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