Overcoming a Terrifying Secret

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When AmyLynn Harrington Smoot was 8 years old, growing up in Louisville, Ky., she had a secret much darker than anyone close to her could have imagined, especially her loving father and mother.

She made a friend at a playground nearby who eventually lured her to a house. At first she played dress up there, but soon she became a victim of sex trafficking at the hands of men who threatened her life if she ever dared to speak a word

“These individuals gutted a rabbit in front of me and told me if I ever told anyone that is what they would do to my mom and my sister,” she said.

Thanks to years of Christian counseling and the help of lifelong friends, AmyLynn is a survivor and she is also the Survivor Mentor for The Porch Light. In that role she encourages and provides wisdom to girls at The Porch Light Safe Home and she speaks out about how individuals, churches and legislators can join forces to combat this despicable trade. In April, AmyLynn joined The Porch Light for and played a significant role in the first-ever Florida Anti-Human Trafficking Day in Tallahassee. She participated in a survivor’s panel, marched to the capitol and was part of an impactful rally.

AmyLynn was recently a guest on the radio show “Polk Today” that aired on several stations in Central Florida. Click the media player at the top or bottom of this page to listen to her talking with host Andrea Oliver about:

  • Being a victim of sex trafficking
  • Finding hope and healing
  • Looking for signs of trafficking in your everyday lives and
  • Legislation that is helping educate more people around the state

To inquire about staff from The Porch Light speaking at an event please email us at Michele.Newsome@ThePorchLight.org

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