Meet Star, Our Therapy Horse

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“One size fits all” might work for hats, mittens and ponchos, but it definitely not the approach we take to working with victims of child sex trafficking.

As the video shows, every broken child and every hurting soul has individualized needs that have to be addressed in order for them to heal.

The therapy horse Star is just one way that through the gifts of supporters we are able to truly change girl’s lives. When you give to The Porch Light you do immeasurably more than you know.

When you support The Porch Light you:

  • You fund 24/7 security monitoring and tracking technologies that help protect these children
  • You employ a therapist who is on call 24/7 to provide healing
  • You help us to be able to react quickly to crises, when a girl is experiencing trauma
  • You also are providing for: specialized group therapy, art therapy, individualized educational opportunities, ongoing spiritual guidance, vocational training, medication management and so much more.
  • As we saw in the instance of a Safe Home resident this summer, your gift provides a space and place for children to accept Christ into their lives.

Support The Porch Light and help us continue to go the extra mile.

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