Distinct Care for Special Children

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Did you know that last year there were more than 1,200 reports of human trafficking to the Florida Abuse Hotline? Did you also know that there are less than 50 beds in the state for trafficking victims to find rest and respite?

At The Porch Light we are proud to operate a safe home that helps combat that reality and cares for victims like 13-year-old Mary*.

Mary’s father died when she was young and her stepfather was physically and emotionally abusive, so she ran away. One night, when Mary was sobbing on the bench at a bus stop, a man drove by who promised to “take care of her.”

She was forced into prostitution and her life was so consumed with pain and deceit that she turned to alcohol to numb reality.

When Mary arrived at the safe home she looked twice her age. She was bruised and broken, pleading for a better life.

Working with law enforcement agencies and other child welfare organizations, we facilitate long-term trauma care for victims like Mary.

Our safe home’s expert staff focuses on helping girls overcome the abuse they have endured and works to redefine their self-worth, which has been grossly distorted.

Sometimes it takes three to four months in a safe environment for a victim to talk about their traumatic past.

Mary has now built relationships that involve mutual trust and she is excited about what her future holds.

Utilizing therapeutic horses, highly trained coaches and mentors and individualized care, The Porch Light helps heal scars that no child should ever have.

Your monthly gift ensures that girls like Mary have somewhere safe to rebuild lives that have been shattered by abuse and lies.

*Name changed and stock photo used to protect the victim’s identity

2 Comments on “Distinct Care for Special Children”

  1. Elizabeth

    I would love to be a part of this loving godly community of healing, as a volunteer. I love grounds keeping cutting grass, hedging, weeding, trimming , clearing a area . If it’s outdoor landscaping I am thrilled. Outdoor holiday decorating included❄️. As well as mentoring and coming along side a child or teen to relate too. What people who are suppose to love us as to how God reveals all the ways He does love us and He is the One we can put our trust in to find genuine love and worth. Coming from a similar but not quite as horrific life as theirs. I am 59 yrs old and before I put in a request to volunteer I would need to know if you provide on grounds housing for a grounds keeper. I would love to make a full life commitment to this ministry but would need some sort of housing. Nothing big or fancy just a large room with a kitchenette and a Bathroom . Do you have any locations where I could serve with housing. I can provide my own food, medical etc. Just need a space to stay in. I could even pay to have one built, if the facility was large enough to add a servants quarters. I don’t live near any of the locations listed, and even if I did I would love to be a 24/7 ministry. Even if it was someone who needed to be held, cried, or listened to , encouraged, prayed with at any time of day or night. As well as do my normal chores, I could help out in tight places if someone is ill, or needs a day off. Fill in anywhere whether cleaning toilets or answering phones, chaperone an event clean up after someone got sick, any thing or place where God could use me to be a blessing.
    You see I would need to be needed as much as someone would need to be cared for or helped. I have no living family, at least none that I would trust to be with as family, and it would be just as much a blessing to be joined into the girls lives as a mom or grandma to feel like I had a family that loved and wanted, needed me as much as I need someone to love and need them to care and dote and live over them. It’s a win win if God is Doing and leading the way.

    1. RJ Walters

      Elizabeth, Thanks so much for you heart for the girls we serve through this ministry. While we do not currently have any groundskeeping positions available within the organization you can always view the employment opportunities at: https://www.fbchomes.org/employment/. We also do not offer housing with most of our positions. If you would like to be considered to volunteer for any of our ministries please fill out a volunteer registration form at https://www.fbchomes.org/join-the-cause/volunteer/volunteer-application-2/ Thank you!

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