A Revived Spirit and Changed Life

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By age 12 Rachel* had been abused by her family, experienced multiple placements in the foster care system and was part of a failed adoption where she suffered more abuse.

She thought her boyfriend was the only one who truly loved her, but he invested in her only to sell her into a life of complete darkness.

She became bonded into sex trafficking.

When she arrived at The Porch Light safe home at age 15 Rachel was broken, angry and afraid. These are normal emotions for someone who has experienced continuous betrayal by people she expected to love and protect her. But as time went on, Rachel began to acclimate to her coaches and mentors at the safe home.

During the summer of 2015, Rachel attended a two-day conference focused on encouraging women to examine and grow in their faith in God.

Rachel quietly absorbed the words the keynote speaker shared and she pored over Scripture.

That weekend Rachel accepted Christ as her Savior.

She experienced a radical transformation that day, as evidenced by the hope in her eyes and change in her spirit.

Rachel openly shared her heart with other girls at the safe home and today she continues to grow in her relationship with the Lord.

Her story does not end there though.

Rachel has found her “forever home” with an adoptive family and she is an example of how The Porch Light is motivated by the prospect of providing hope for ONE MORE CHILD.

Because of generous friends like you, we are able to care for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of girls like Rachel.

*Name changed and stock photo used to protect the victim’s identity


One Comment on ““A Revived Spirit and Changed Life”

  1. Nancy

    Thank you for sharing and for the ministry! Jesus can make any one whole again. It is so encouraging to hear stories of healing and restoration.

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