But He Said “I Love You”

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With phone and ticket in-hand, 18-year-old Robin* raced to board her flight in search of meaning, acceptance and love. Robin had been befriended by an older man on the internet who offered her a “better life” by distancing Robin from her parents. The man then sent her a burner phone and money for a one-way airline ticket from Tampa to … Read More

Singing Like the Saved

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Early one morning, a staff member from The Porch Light entered the safe home to a sound that was familiar yet devastatingly beautiful. The artist was Ella*, a safe home resident and victim of child sex trafficking, who was passionately playing the piano, something she loved. Ella’s melody was an intersection of talent and therapy – a chance to demonstrate … Read More

Overcoming a Terrifying Secret

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  When AmyLynn Harrington Smoot was 8 years old, growing up in Louisville, Ky., she had a secret much darker than anyone close to her could have imagined, especially her loving father and mother. She made a friend at a playground nearby who eventually lured her to a house. At first she played dress up there, but soon she became … Read More

Where I finally found love…

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This blog was written especially for The Porch Light by Sara Ard, Greater Orlando Human Trafficking Task Force College and University Chair. My Sweet Sister, Jeremiah 1:5 says, “I chose YOU before I formed YOU in the womb; I set YOU apart before YOU were born. I appointed YOU a prophet to the nations.” I’ve thought long and hard about … Read More

Your Chance to Fight Trafficking in Florida!

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A common question we hear at The Porch Light is, “What can I do the help?” Well, today we have an answer that you can act on immediately. You can stand with us in agreement that silence is NOT golden when it comes to the wicked crime of human trafficking. On, Thursday April 13 The Porch Light is hosting the … Read More

Do good and share with those in need

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Her heart must have been thudding in her chest as she sat squeezed between two older women in the backseat of a vehicle that was driven by an Uber driver. They began to yell at her, “You need to get your priorities straight….We need to make this money!” I imagine the pit in Angela’s* stomach began to grow as they … Read More

When the Light Flickers On

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The work at The Porch Light Safe Home is complex, it is long-suffering and it requires great patience and persistence. But it is completely worth it. Check out this recent note from one of our coaches: I am not exactly sure what God is doing, but I am sure that something is stirring inside one of the girls in our … Read More

Some Days Rock

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Have you heard of the fun phenomenon sweeping the nation and drawing communities together through the hiding of painted rocks? Well, these rocks are helping restore people. Specifically, they have spread their smile-inducing effect on the girls in our safe home through The Porch Light. Recently, the girls were hosted to a sweet brunch by a local group of ladies who faithfully support our … Read More