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What Can You Do to Help? Join Us For Traffick Stop 2018

Whenever a child stretches his or her arm out and puts up their hands, it symbolizes “STOP”, “Back away”, “Don’t come any closer!”

When we join our hands in unity we respond to their cry! Join us on National Human Trafficking Awareness Day to pause, reflect and take action toward defeating trafficking.

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Even at this moment, there is a young girl falling victim to the dark world of sex trade.

A predator is gaining her trust, maybe a “friend” she met online. Every year, there are as many as 300,000 children like her in the U.S. who are at risk of being sexually exploited. Many of these girls are being prostituted and face the threat of rape, STDs and even death. The Porch Light is helping these girls begin a new life. We are also working to prevent more innocent children from becoming victims while predators financially profit.

It’s simple, really. Our light will shine until every young girl who has been victimized by sex trafficking is rescued, restored and set free. Similar to parents who leave the porch light on waiting for their daughter to return, our faith-based program symbolizes the love of Christ – a light that shines so bright and a love and peace that transforms lives.

Our Safe Home Makes The Difference

Girls who have been victimized by sex trafficking find healing, hope and restoration at our Safe Home >